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iCHiBAN: Nap-Station Massage Chair (NSC-6800)

iCHiBAN: Nap-Station Massage Chair (NSC-6800)

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Brand: iCHiBAN

Item#: NSC-6800

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Description Product Specs

One-button-click startup design

The simple operating procedures make it convenient for the whole family to use the unit which can be started or reset by pressing one button only.With it,you may fully enjoy comfort brought about by massage and remove your tiredness at once.

Music synchronization design

The design perfect combines massage and musical rhythm and melody so that you can easily integrate your favorite music with massage skills to get your body better relaxed.

External loudspeaker design

The external superior loudspeakers possess unique and beautiful patterns,which can be connected with music sources like MP3,MP4,CD,computer,etc.,allowing you to listen to super music without earphones.

Design of colors of the rainbow

European-style concise appearance plus dynamic colors of the rainbow create warmth and romance in the family.The gradually changing colors of the rainbow may regulate emotional tension.The unit integrates fantastic colors,music and massage to build a relaxing environment.

Head massage

Wrap-around air massage: Adopting patented air massage technology and wrap-around design, it emphasizes the relaxation of temple and Fengchi acupuncture points, so that you can enjoy your life everyday.

Hand massage

  • Moving massage of hand: When your arm moves forward, two air bags massage your wrist and arm to relax your hand muscles and remove ache; when your arm moves backward, your palm, wrist and arm will be massaged to effectively avoid Mouse Hand.

  • Front-and-back double action massage: Your hands are squeezed and released by the front-and-back repeated pressing of two air bags to enhance elasticity of your vessels. It adopts U-shaped hand safety structure which is safer, more comfortable and personal compared with the traditional C-shaped hand-dutch structure.

Comfortable sitting

  • Design of W-Shaped air bag: Arranged W-shaped air bags make small air bags on both sides massage the hip. The middle air bags deeply stimulate the straight intestine to facilitate vermicular motion of intestines and helpful for improving digestive system, constipation and hemorrhoids.

  • Comfortable sitting: Wide and soft cushion meets the needs of different bodily forms. Vibration of seat and synchronous music effectively assuage tiredness. You may experience ease and tranquility like sitting in a sofa bed.

  • Waist swaying by air pressure: Two external air bags tightly wrap and support the whole waist to shape exquisite curves of your waist. The air bags sway left and right powerfully to assuage tiredness of waist and abdomen muscles.

Back massage

Second generation location tracking: Infrared location can precisely detect different bodily form, automatically measure the length of spine and set appropriate massage position, so that people are always in comfortable state of massage.

Many skills of back massage

  • Neck: Adopts the slow motion massages to better relax the neck muscles and relieve fatigue of your cervical vertebra.
  • Back: Strengthened motion of massage allows the back muscles and vertebra to relax more effectively and relieve fatigue after a day’s work.
  • Waist: The lengthened tracking of waist massage allows the hard to access caudal vertebra to be massaged with ease.

Foot Massage

Design of scalable footrest: The brand-new footrest design can satisfy the need of different height people, the ankles and soles can enjoy sufficient and effective massage at any angle.

  • Knee joint massage: Two-double air bags fully wrap knee to effectively stimulate important acupuncture points around knee joint, extend and ease ligament of the joint, prevent arthritis and assuage rheumatism as well.
  • Leg massage: The leg is repeatedly squeezed and kneaded by air pressure to stimulate a number of acupuncture points and enhance elasticity of leg muscles.
  • Ankle massage: U-shaped air bags specially massage lymph around the ankle to expel toxins of your body, improve immunity and prevent foot illnesses such as muscle strain of foot and tendon inflammation.
  • Sole massage by finger pressing: It adopts breakthrough patented air pressure technology, simulates finger pressing of human beings to effectively stimulate acupuncture points and important reflecting regions of the sole to enhance immunity.

Sync Movement design

Sync Movement design Basing on the principle of Fall-to-Sleep design, when the backrest is lowered backwards, armrest will adjust automatically to reach appropriate massage posture, thus effectively supporting weight of arms and balancing the maintain comfortable status.